Thursday, May 27, 2010


A first: a short piece in Washington City Paper, made possible by a colleague and former editor who landed there after a paper here in Philly went belly-up (only to emerge in a different form, sans arts coverage). I used to pick up WCP on trips into DC from the Shady Grove Metro station, and I may have more bylines there in the future. Yes, I know I don't live in DC. I'll make it work.

A find: a piece in the Courier-Post that both previewed a concert and highlighted a remarkable church music program in Moorestown. The music ministry at First Presbyterian Church is surprisingly prolific -- I compared it to a top-level college athletics program -- and brings in a large number of passionately interested young people. I wasn't able to attend the Chapel Choir's May 23 performance of Mozart's Mass in C, but my experience attending the choir's rehearsal had me convinced that teenagers can connect with Mozart on a deep and meaningful level. It's rarely been my intent to crusade, but the classical-music-is-for-old-people-and-the-elite narrative is one I take pleasure in subverting.

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