Monday, October 13, 2008

Swing and two misses

A couple of dumb mistakes in the Inquirer's review of Anthony Braxton's concert. First, the late Karlheinz Stockhausen is bafflingly referred to as "Markus." Anyone familiar with Braxton's music (or anyone who read David Adler's thoughtful preview) wouldn't have gotten that important detail wrong.

Also, Braxton did not play "contrabass sax." The large, throaty instrument he played was clearly listed in the program as "contrabass clarinet." This also means that the earlier characterization of Braxton playing "a battery of saxophones and clarinet" is not entirely correct either.

The writer, A.D. Amorosi, is a frequent contributor to the Inquirer and a prolific writer and gadabout for City Paper. I'm too much of a newcomer to recognize him by sight, but we were definitely in the same room on Friday night.


Anonymous said...

Duh! Markus is one of the great Karlheinz's sons (the other being Simon). Both Markus and Simon are brilliant musicians (playing trumpet and Synthysiser respectively) and as composers have been known to have more CDs in the racks than Karlheinz especially in America where the 'love to hate Karlheinz Stockhausen' movement was started as early as the late '50s when the NYT gave him the first of their unvaryingly negative reviews.

Dave Allen said...

Fair enough. Thank you for the correction, but the reference still seems mistaken. The author seems to have the wrong Stockhausen listed, alongside John Cage, as someone whose influence is heard in Braxton's work. Markus is a bit younger than Braxton, after all.