Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fantasia on a new-music collective's name

This has been running through my head for several weeks now.

A commissioning fund for new sacred music: Bang on a Canticle

A concert series pairing new pieces with classical favorites: Bang on a Canon

A Marathon concert held on a battleship or a Civil War site: Bang on a Cannon

A Marathon concert held at a famous outdoor site in Arizona: Bang on a Canyon

I could go on all day.


Kathleen said...

oh my.

Lindemann said...

A combination new-music group/British sausage emporium: Bangers on a Can

A new-music group that sold out to promote a fictional SUV: Bang on a Canyonero

A new-music group with a relentlessly positive attitude: Bang on a Can-Do

Lindemann said...

A new-music group from a particular subdivision of Switzerland: Bang on a Canton

A new-music group with a particular fondness for Spanish punctuation: Interrobang on a Can