Friday, February 27, 2009

Deep skins

Today on Phawker, an interview with Glenn Kotche, drummer for undeniably-great rock band Wilco and a creative, broad-minded percussionist and composer. He's coming to Philly for a performance with Bang on a Can All-Stars.

I didn't push him for details on the new Wilco album; I tried to keep our discussion centered on his work as a composer and his collaborations with BoaC and other new-music groups. I'm happy just knowing it's on its way. The big New Zealand-based project he described sounds intriguing as well and appears to be on its way even sooner.


Anonymous said...

Great interview and a good call on shying away from Wilco stuff... that info is everywhere. Was it through e-mail or over the phone?

Dave Allen said...

Over the phone, on Wednesday.

Glad you liked the interview!